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What is The Cash App Bank Name and Address?

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Cash App, a popular mobile payment service, allows users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. One of the most common questions from Cash App users is about the banking details associated with their Cash App account, specifically the bank name and address. This information is crucial for a variety of financial transactions, such as direct deposits and setting up automatic payments.

Cash App’s Banking Partners

Primary Banking Partner

  • Bank Name: Sutton Bank
  • Address: 1 S. Main Street, Attica, Ohio, 44807, USA

Sutton Bank, based in Ohio, is the primary partner bank for Cash App. It primarily handles the issuance of the Cash Card, Cash App’s debit card, and is also involved in other banking-related services for Cash App users.

Secondary Banking Partner

Lincoln Savings Bank, based in Iowa, is another banking partner associated with Cash App. This bank is mainly involved in the direct deposit feature of Cash App, handling users’ routing and account numbers.

Why Knowing the Bank Name and Address is Important

  1. Direct Deposits: For setting up direct deposits, users need to provide their employer or benefits provider with their Cash App routing and account number, along with the name and address of the bank.
  2. ACH Transfers: When transferring funds to and from a Cash App account via ACH (Automated Clearing House), the bank’s name and address are often required.
  3. Verification Purposes: Some financial transactions require the verification of a bank’s name and address to ensure the legitimacy of the account.
  4. Tax Purposes: For tax-related matters, especially if you’re using Cash App for business transactions, knowing the bank details is essential for reporting and compliance.

How to Find Your Cash App Bank Name and Address

Cash App users can easily find their specific bank name and address through the app:

  1. Open Cash App: Log in to your Cash App account.
  2. Access Your Profile: Click on the profile icon on the home screen.
  3. Select ‘Funds’: Look for a section that shows your balance and select it.
  4. View Details: Here, you will find your routing and account number. Below these details, the bank name and address associated with your Cash App account will be listed.


Understanding the banking details associated with your Cash App account is essential for seamless financial transactions. Whether you are setting up direct deposits, engaging in ACH transfers, or managing tax-related matters, knowing the bank name and address linked to your Cash App account is crucial. With Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings Bank as primary partners, Cash App users can confidently manage their transactions with this vital information at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bank name for Cash App?

The primary bank associated with Cash App is Sutton Bank. Additionally, Lincoln Savings Bank also partners with Cash App, mainly for direct deposit services.

Where is Sutton Bank, Cash App's partner bank, located?

Sutton Bank, the primary partner for Cash App, is located at 1 S. Main Street, Attica, Ohio, 44807, USA.

What is the role of Lincoln Savings Bank in Cash App transactions?

Lincoln Savings Bank, based in Reinbeck, Iowa, handles direct deposit services for Cash App users. It provides routing and account numbers for these transactions.

How can I find my Cash App bank name and address in the app?

You can find your Cash App bank name and address by logging into your Cash App account, accessing your profile, selecting 'Funds', and viewing the details where your routing and account numbers are listed.

Why do I need to know the bank name and address for Cash App?

Knowing the bank name and address for Cash App is essential for setting up direct deposits, conducting ACH transfers, ensuring transaction verification, and managing tax-related matters, especially for business transactions.

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